TALL FELLO produces the finest Italian-style liqueurs in the United States.  Our Limoncello, Mandarinocello and Ruby Grapefruitcello all begin with carefully selected fruits picked at their peaks of ripeness.  All of our fruit is hand washed then hand peeled to ensure that only the brightly colored peels are used and very little of the bitter pith.  These fragrant peels and all of their intensely flavored oils then steep in locally produced grain neutral spirits.  Finally, simple syrup is added.  The result is a product that is remarkably smooth and delicious.  Please enjoy TALL FELLO Limoncello, Mandarinocello and Grapefruitcello ice cold for any occasion.

TALL FELLO will also offer other seasonal flavors such as:

  • Colorado Peach
  • Blood Orange
  • Melon