It’s said that Limoncello lets you drink in the sunshine and with 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado is the perfect place for it..

At TALL FELLO, we create amazing fruit forward liqueurs that use more peels per bottle than any other brand.

Our Limoncello has a bright yellow color that has a nose of fresh lemons and tastes like a lemon drop. Unlike many other companies, we don’t use any additional coloring or flavors. Just lemon peels, Colorado grown corn vodka, water and sugar!

History Of Limoncello

Limoncello was created in Italy around 1900 AD. While there are many stories as to the true origin behind it, the recipe has remained the same. Limoncello combines the freshest lemons you can find with grain neutral spirits. The higher the alcohol proof used, the more citrus oil that gets extracted into it. Then a combination of water and sugar is added to produce a sweet liqueur with a smooth finish.

Tall Fello Limoncello

TALL FELLO liqueurs were first created in an Aspen, Colorado kitchen in 2010. After many years of trial and error, we finally managed to perfect our recipe that we sell today.

Sold Throughout Colorado

We currently sell TALL FELLO Limoncello and Grapefruitcello in bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout Colorado.

Seasonal Flavors

Look for other seasonal flavors such as: Mandarinocello using Florida Honeybells and Pearcello using pears picked in Paonia, Colorado.